Thursday, 1 October 2015

Epic Ex Wing

Good afternoon,

Yesterday afternoon Andrew, Bernard and I got together to play 300 points worth of X Wing with Jared's new Raider and his (as yet unused?) Corvette.

I've been looking forward to this kind of game for years!

Seeing as it was only his second game with his new toy, I let him take the Raider and I took his CR-90, plus a Tala Zed of my own...

...while Bernard rounded our forces up to 300 with... a Stealth Device for Wedge.

Jared took the Raider, loaded up with all sorts of goodies, including Tibanna Gas Supplies, an Ionization Reactor, three (?) Ion Turrets, an Engineering Team, a Gunnery Team (I think) and...Emperor Palpatine hisself! The cloak-ed one can alter one friendly die once per turn. Mutter, mutter....

Andrew took a couple of Tie Bombers with full loadouts (dratted...assault?...missiles, and bombs), Dark Curse (curse him!), Echo and Whisper with a Recon Specialist in one, and...something in t'other.

Seeing as it was a true Epic game, we laid out two mats...and played length ways! Very cinematic!

The two big boys drove down the middle, with escorts either side.

And still they keep coming!

I thought to head to port in an effort to bring my back quad turret to bear...later...


...we're in range of each other. (Though I had been taking pot shots with my Single Turbo Laser at Range 5. Secondary weapon (The Corvette was carrying one primary and three secondaries), so no range bonuses for the defender. They do, however get to double their green dice, of which the Raider has...none!)

Alas, and alak... Tala didn't get to shoot back!

Drats! Mind you, it took the combined efforts of a Phantom, the Raider and that Bomber to finish it off. Small comfort as that may be...

Second round of shooting, and...well...

...Double Drats! Yeah, you don't really want one of those behind you at point blank range!



Unfortunately, it still managed to sink a big fat load of ordinance into the CR-90. Took the for'ard section of the Dodanna's Pride from full health (five shields and eight hull) down to no shields and half health, all in that one strike!

To rub salt into the wound, that Bomber had only survived that long because Palpatine turned over a blank green during the previous turn!


Not being content with that...

...the Raider, with some more assistance from the Emperor, finished off Wedge before he could do, well, anything!

Double Double Drats!

It was at this point...we broke for some tea!

Right, back into it!

The Raider comes to join the action off my port bow...

...ionising one poor Bandit...

...right off the edge of the map!


At this point, with my for'ard damaged, and my aft about to blow, I pull 'er hard to starboard in an effort to at least take some of them with us!

Unfortunately, I run over the debris cloud in front, destroy it, and take off a shield (that I was able to re-generate, courtesy of my Tibanna Gas Supplies) from my front.


Echo made himself heard again...

...taking down the Y's TLT, that was successfully inflicting two hits on the Raider each turn.


And then...

...thar she blows! My aft section gets destroyed.

And, at the same time...

...Huzzah! So does the Raider's for'ard!


"I said closer!"

"We won't last long against that Imperial Raider..."

Turned out, it was Whisper that sealed the 'Pride.

Drats, drats, drats!!

Which just left Bernard and his buddies.

Half of whom flew onto a 'roid!


And it was at this point that Jarred decided to let off his Ionization Reactor.

Blowing up Echo and ioning three of the remaining four that they would all fly themselves into the Raider next turn! Tycho style! Except...

...the poor A Wing, who was dispatched beforehand!


...what with the damaged caused by the incoming Rebs, and the TLT shots from the Y...


Ha ha ha, servist thou jolly well right!

Which just left the remaining Y to take on the rest.

He got that Bomber down to one hull, but...well...


Still, 'twas a great game. Very cinematic, very cool. And great minis!

Set up was at 4:30, pack down at 9:15, say 15 minutes for tea...just over four hours (certainly didn't seem like it; we were all fully engaged) jolly well spent!

Yep, I could quite happy spend an afternoon playing this. Just got to get me the toys!

Thanks boys,



  1. Looks like you have been making the most of your holiday :-)
    Nice to see so many ships in action.

    1. Cheers John, Yep, it was a pretty...visually appealing game.

      Actually I've been spending a lot of time on this.

      The solo adventures of Jeoff the Jawa!

      It's really helped me get my head around some of the EotE mechanics. Haven't done any vehicle chases or combat yet though.