Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Another Road to the Regionals, Game 4, Vs. ...

Sorry, I've forgotten his name!


Good afternoon,

Here be my last game of the day. I was back down at the bottom of the tables - again! - this time up against a newbie. He was flying an X, a Y and a B. His first time at a comp, hadn't been playing the game long...

Learning from my last game that splitting the boys and girl didn't really work well for me, I kept them all together on the left. Refusing the right flank, to use some wargaming parlance. So head to head I went against a mighty Y!

In spite of some assistance from port...

...the Y went bye!

After a quick reversal in direction...

...and with the newbie landing the X on a rock...

...the B, well...blew!

And then...

...the X marked the wrong spot at the wrong time!


Still, he seemed to enjoy the game, which is what it's all about after all.



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