Monday, 28 September 2015

Another Road to the Regionals, Game 2, Vs. Andrew

Good afternoon,

Now that Term 3's ended, I've now got a little bit of time. is the second game that I played at The Wizard's Retreat in July just prior to the Regionals.

I was flying...if memory serves...

...apparently The Baron, 'is Mate and a Bounty Hunter. Soontir, Turr and Kath.

Andrew was rocking two Outer Rim Smugglers (one of which was mine!), and Jek Porkins.

So we set up, Andy obviously opting to run up and down the back of the board, with Porkins in the middle. Much like a pig in a blanket, if you will.

I thought to keep Porkins busy with Turr, while concentrating Kath and Soontir on my left.

To mix universes.

Pew pew pew!

Porkins slips in behind Turr, while the two Smugglers cross paths.

With all of this negative attention...

...Boom! That's minus one Tie Interceptor, thank you very much!


Then Andy looks to do something quite similar with my Kath, whilst and at the same time attempting to deny her a shot on his most wounded Smuggler.

Hurrah for her rear fire arc!

And her forward arc too, for that matter!

And so we were both down to two.

Make that 2:1! Again, that rear arc does the biz. And how!

A bit of flying thither and yon later...


Drats! The Firespray ain't the only one who can fire out it's arse end!

However, with Soontirs' double focus and evade each turn...

...the end really was in no doubt!

Another fun game Andrew, thanks muchly.

And it was great to see my YT on the board!


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