Thursday, 17 September 2015

Raider Reductions

Good evening,

Last night I popped along to the club for bi-monthly bash of X Wing. This time I had been invited by Jared to try out some Epic action. 250 points worth. So I figured to take the Dodana's Pride...

...and The Boys. And some of their mates.

I was also "using", integrating if you will, the new integrated astromech card that's just come out with the the new core box. Not that I've got one, mind you. Or four. For my existing T-65s. Shades of Evil Empire-making-one-by-ships-primarily-for-the-useful-cards-therein-or-a-new-starter-box-for-the-soon-to-be-mandatory-updated-damage-deck anyone?

But I digress.

Alas, Jared had misunderstood my communications, and had left the CR-90 at home. However, Nick McB was also at the club, so he and I joined forces to face down the Empire.

At which point Andrew rocked up, so he took a flight of Ties...and set the up as far away from the action as possible!

Something about being a decoy. Yeah, right!

Anyhow, Nick lent me Biggs, so I swapped over Jemma to him, set up my classics in the corner, and away we went.

First move, first shots. From the Raider. Range 4, managing to strip a shield off Biggs. I was still way out of range.

Just look at the size of that thing!

Second move, and Jared revealed an ambiguously dialled maneuver for the Raider, so Nick and I thought we'd try to run it into Vader.

Alas, he didn't. Something about the Raider giving Vader a free action through performing a Co-ordinated action. So Skywalker just barrel rolled out of the way. (He'd still take a damage from the asteroid, would have been much funnier had Darth crashed into the Big Bird!)

We keep closing, and I take first shots at my prey.

Vader now switches to Chewie so as not to get run over by Grand Moff Tarken. I tell ya, 'twas an all star cast!

Though the E Wing didn't stick around for the credits, being vapourised early by the Raider 'n all.

Meanwhile, Andrew still potters along!

Not wanting to run Dutch in his Y into Tarken in his...R..., I send him out in front of the nasty nasty beastie.

"Don't tell me, he's right behind me, isn't he?"

While the bent wing birds pick on the Wookie.

While Andrew continues to potter along.

I fly Luke too close, Jared swings out the Raider's arse in a bank to the left, and...

...a Skywalker finally does get run over by the Raider!


Still, at least I had discovered the Raider's weak spot - it has no firing arcs to it's immediate rear. I was able to pour fire into the aft section, bringing to within one hull point of destruction.

Jared tries to pick on the mighty Y...

...whilst, and at the same time dials a red manoeuvre for the Punisher, allowing Nick and I to fly it into the path of Vader, who in turn can't complete his K turn, ends up pointing in the wrong direction, and still gets a stress for his efforts.


And then, just as Andrew's Ties turn up...

...we had to call it.

Just as I had him exactly where I wanted him!

Thanks for the game Jared, it was cool. And it taught me some valuable lessons. Not the least of which is that Wedge's ability means little against something that doesn't have any evade dice!



  1. Sounded like a blast, that's a big fecker isn't it?

  2. Replies
    1. To be honest, that's one of the main appeals of this game. The game system is great too, don't get me wrong, but...the toys are soo coool!