Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Double Booking at the Death Spa

Good afternoon,

Yesterday Dave popped around for his first ever X Wing game. He took Vader and the Boys...

...while I took an IG and a Party Bus.

They were all heading for the same appointment time at the Death Spa, and, well...each party took exception at the other's insistence that the booking was theirs.

I try to sneak IG-88b around to the left between the 'roids.

It didn't really work as well as I would have liked.


Everyone else picked on the Party Bus.

But at least the bus bit back! One shot and down go the Dark Lord's shields and a hull point.


Mind you, at the end of this bound...

...the Number 10 had lost all of it's shields and half it's hull.


Still... least I was able to somewhat express to Dark Curse a measure of my list's displeasure at having their booking contested.

(That whole "you can't re-roll dice or spend focus" thing on him really got on my goat!)

Next bound and...

...the old bus bumbles on past...

...delivering the finger of doom!


Not to be out done, IG-88b joins the party.

So to speak.

Alas and alak...

...Vader did not miss the bus!

And out popped Bossk in the Pup.

For the first time.

I'd not flown the YV-666 before, let alone the Hound's Tooth.

IG-88b takes a shot on Vader, Vader uses his token to evade, so IG takes another shot on a now tokenless Vader... absolutely no effect.



...he didn't miss for long!

Now it was two on two.

What? Another rock? Really?

At this point, Bosk is down to one hull.


The small ships zip past each other for a bit...

Oh drats!

So, it was down to an almost full health IG to a limping Curse and an untouched Gundark.










All the while Winged Gundark cheerfully chipped away at Da Droid.


And so it was that a slightly smaller booking rocked up to the Death Spa for a well deserve soak.

Great game Dave!


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