Sunday, 7 August 2016

DBA 3, Polybians vs. Carthaginians

Good evening,

Yesterday afternoon I finally caught up with my mate Dave, way out in the wops (just west of Rangiora - a 30 minute drive out of town) and rocked out my newly completed Polybians against his Later Carthaginians.

As the early mist rose...

...courtesy of Dave's e-sig (good to see that he's off the death sticks), the forces of goodness and order arrayed in full panoply to the east of a forest to gaze across the plain into the dastardly intruders deployed in some Roman fields.

Well, ok, I was the invader, but I prefer to think that I was in the middle of Italy trying to take back some Roman load from Hannibal and his mob.

Which consisted of (some beautifully painted) Poeni cavalry...

...spearmen and Gauls...urggh, Gauls... element of elephants, auxilia, light African foot (the dudes with the mohawks) and mounted Numidians.

Oh, and a photo taking Dave...

...who took the initiative and rushed forward on his left.

I responded by running out on my own left to make room for more Legionaries.

My mounted soon get caught... I bring over some of those aforementioned Blades to assist.

Gotta love the larger move distances in DBA 3.

On the other flank the fight for the forest develops...

...while the centres close.

Bit of biffo in the east...

...while it's handbags at close quarters with the heavy foot.

Now's your chance, go!

Oh. Really?

Dave covers his general's flank by bringing up some Spear to ZOC my Blades.

And away we go!

The elephants try to get into the fray, but, well...they just don't fit!

See that gap there? Dirty rotten Gaulsessess...

Things don't look any better in the forest either.

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

On the other flank Dave's general get pushed back, isolating his accompanying cavalry.


And once more I say...Huzzah!

Back in the centre...

...lots of pushing and shoving ensues. Me thinks those legionaries are getting carried away, chasing those Warband like that, while that element of elephants looks to be getting a little isolated itself.

Silly impetuous elements.

Right, I have you now! I roll in my left flank... over my triumphant legionaries to deny Dave's general's recoil...

...we both roll high...

...and Boomshanka! That's the end of Dave's command!


...Crunch! There goes another element down to those stinking Gauls!

And that was the end of that. Though it shouldn't have been - we were both on four element equivalents lost, we should have played on for one more bound. He at the distinct disadvantage of having a +1 PIP penalty for each move he may have wanted to make.

As it was...let's call it a draw, shall we?

Great game, lots of fun. I do enjoy me a bit of DBA.

Thanks Dave,



  1. Cool! A fiercely contested & colourful battle indeed - enjoyed reading your report.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it John! 'Twas a lot of fun.

  2. Thanks for coming all the way out to Rangiora!
    Good games and as for a draw, you're too kind, once my general had gone the last combats should have been demoralised @ -2 combat for me and so wouldn't have destroyed your elements and so wouldn't have broken you army??

    1. Really enjoyed it. (Sorry it took so long to make it out there!)

      No, demoralisation effects would only start at the next bound. Though then, yes, I probably would have ripped you apart! :-)

  3. Great AAR, its nice to see one using 1/72 miniatures!

    1. Thanks Tony. Yep, it is good to get the toys onto the table.

  4. Great looking armies Nick, beautiful report!