Monday, 29 August 2016

Stacks of Sticky Stickmen

Good evening,

A week or so ago Young Dave generously gifted me his surplus HaT Macedonian pikemen. Sweet! So, after receiving a spot of inspiration from George Wyllie and Tony Emery I thought to myself "Huzzah! 8Pk elements!"

And here we are so far.

I've still got three more elements worth to do (I need to get down to Acorn Models for some more 1/32 brass rod), but, after a bit of chopping to get their shields around from their back and sides to their front, as I did with my original ones, I now have enough figures, when combined with the Newline Macs I got a while ago, for 12 8Pk elements!


I quite like the way the double ranking of the figures gives a better impression of a closely packed body of men than the single rank of, say, your average spear element. And when you double rank them, as befits a Macedonian pike!

Speaking of spearmen...

...these Newline figures look quite good next to their HaT compatriots.

The only downsides that I can see is I'll need another packet of Little Big Men Macedonian shield transfers, and...I've just doubled the number of figures I need to paint!

Drats! :-)



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks John. I keep catching my sleeves on the jolly things!

  2. Thanks for the mention Nick. I am excited to see these all painted up they are going to be an impressive bunch. I am always impressed how you manage to cut the shields to bring them forward, my attempts tend to end up in disaster!

    1. Hi Tony. I wouldn't be holding my breath on the painting, I want to get my Parthians finished first...these things take time, you understand!

    2. Oh I understand Nick! My 'to paint' collection seems to be increasing instead of shrinking.