Sunday, 18 September 2016


Good afternoon,

Yesterday afternoon Dave popped around with his newly resurrected Victorian Sci Fi Hordes of the Things army for a game or two against my very own VSF army.

A Very British Victorian Science Fiction Civil War Hordes of the Things game, if you will.

Dave brought out:
  • 1 Shooter General
  • 5 Shooters
  • 2 Blades
  • 2 Knights
  • 1 Hero (complete with a bean eating lackie!)
  • 1 steam tank stronghold!

I deploy...
  • 1 Shooter General
  • 3 Shooters
  • 1 Magician - steam powered zappy artillery
  • 1 Behemoth - steam tank
  • 1 Airboat
  • 2 Flyers
  • 1 Royal Observatory stronghold
Dave, being the defender, deployed his shooters on opposite flanks, so I deployed all of my boys facing his right.

Forward fly my aerial elements.

While Dave tries to advance on his left.

My fliers zip around behind Dave's line...

...whilst I bring up the steam tank to support HMAB Vulture.

Dave sends forth his Hero, and...


...first blood to Dave.


I recall the flyers, and the tank rolls in.


Dave charges his Knights past my Behemoth ...

...right into range of my Magician.


The steam tank rolls forward, once more with aerial support.


It was at this point that Dave considered conceding...perhaps he should have...

Anyway, with his flank's flank exposed,

...Dave's left start emerging from the patch of bad going to the east...

...whilst he tries to organise a firing line in the west.

Seeing as my heavy hitter was somewhat isolated, I belatedly roll forward the rest of my lads.

Aww stink! Shooters supporting shooters are rather effective.

And the column keeps coming from the east.

More shooting...

...more death.


And so the tank retires, awaiting support.


...said support...

...turned out to be it's undoing, denying it room to recoil from combat.

Stink, stink, stink!

My hope now rests on forcing Dave's end shooter to recoil from my own shooting, which he has no room to do so (since he has to recoil from the direction of fire...I think...).

He doesn't. What a time to roll a one!

More ineffectual shooting...

...silly steam powered zappy gun...while the eastern column continues to march across.

Alas...what, with shooters supporting shooters...

...and me rolling a one...

...Dave pushes my plucky Brits over the edge!


Well played Dave, well played.

Please click here for a view from the other side.

And so we reset for another bash...



  1. Dashed bad form.. Brit on Brit.. eh wot???

    1. All over whether one should have tea with crumpets or toast. Jolly important stuff, don't you know? Unfortunately crumpets won out...this time!

  2. Forgot I'd even made that the armies, excellent painting by both players and a great game to boot :-) Hope your second game goes better Nick :-)

    1. Thanks Andy. Yep, she's a fine beastie. A fine beastie indeed.

  3. Rivets, steam, pith helmets, dirigibles - what a splendid array!

    1. Indeed!

      The Airboat and dirigibles were made by Andy, a mate of mine. Very clever stuff. You should see his wee submarine! I just added the crew to the boat, and the sail to the balloon.

      (The tank and the steam powered zappy thing (and the jet back guys...oh, and the naval landing party, gattling gun and lancers) are all mine!)