Thursday, 29 September 2016

My Favorite Chariots

Good evening,

A couple of weeks back Dave and I had a WMA game, Marians against ABSs. During the ensuing fun, a couple of my Airfix/Freikorps/Newline hybrids came off a little worse for wear. I have since repaired them, and since I had to get their box out to put them away, I figured I'd take some pictures of my favorites.

Here (below) we have probably my most diverse AB chariot - an Airfix chariot and horse team, Freikorp ACW artillery wheels, Newline chariot sides, an Esci Barbarian  driver, and an Italeri Gaul noble.

Next, we have the same chariot set up as above, with a couple of Newline metals.

And much the same here. But with Airfix chariot sides.

The metal pieces all came from one Newline chariot - Newline put in two different driven, two different nobles, and two different chariot sides. Ironically, I haven't used the chariot itself yet..

The next two are simple variations of Airfix, Esci and Italeri plastics.

All of my of he chariots are simple Airfix (and Freikorps) jobbies.