Saturday, 10 September 2016

North American Forest Indians... HOTT army straight out of the box!

Good evening,

Just back from a jolly fun afternoon of Black Powder (Sudan) at Dave's, and he has very generously gifted me two boxes of Italeri's Indian Warriors that were surplus to his requirements.

Replete with...

(all images copied straight from the Plastic Soldier Review site!)

  • 1 [3] Shooter General
  • 5 [3] Shooters
  • 3 [3] Warband
  • 3 [2] Lurkers
  • and at least one Hero - the dude holding aloft his gun along with his scalp wielding compatriate.
25 HOTT points per box.

Sweet! Add some wolves, some eagles, a sasquatch or two, even a rain god...way doggie!

Thanks Dave,


Oo, oo, and I've already got 6 wolf elements done for my Raetian Goblins, as well as a bat element...and ooo ooo, I've got those GW BOTFA [Warmaster] eagles just floating around, three elements worth, I think...sweeeettt!

I've even got a couple of 20mm cavemen types that I could use as sasquash! Though they'd be more beasty than behemothy...

Sweet, that's another 18 odd points worth - these two boxes are looking like a 72 point army more and more! Two magician elements and we're set!


  1. One of the great things about HotT is that you can always see new possibilities, al limited only by your imagination/creativity. Awesomeness in a box huh?

    1. Absolutely. It's not often you actually get a whole army in a box these days...

  2. Should be a fun army. PSR is great planning tool; I've spent many happy hours cropping and pasting their pics into units - sad, I know.

    1. Cheers George, yep, it should be. Pretty easy to pull together too. As for actually painting, well, that's another matter altogether. ("That's another matter.")