Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Dogfight in a Phone Box

Good afternoon,

Yesterday morning, before heading out to Rogue One (one great movie!), Mark D came round to help me play with my new toys - the G-1A that I had won at Regionals but hadn't flown yet, and two Protectorate Starfighters that I had just bought a couple of days before.

Hence, I took...

...and selected for Mark these fellows...

...'cause...well...they look cool together!

So, we set up, and away we went.

Cool, I thought, Mark is flying Talonbane straight at me.

Turned out, no, he wasn't!

So I turned into the treat that was developing on my flank.

Flying Fen Rau straight onto a rock, taking damage.


Mark also misjudged his own turn in, and flew Leanne (Leatin A'shera) into the debris field.

So I got Zuccus to tractor beam her deeper into it!

Tractor beams are cool!

Can anyone say "double stress?"

Leanne flies straight out, right to where Old Terroch was waiting for her...


And at the very same time, even though Fen Rau had K Turned right in behind Serissu...he did diddly squat!

So we both set ourselves up for another pass.

Zuccus once again TB'd his opponent, and this time dragged him a little closer to Old T...but to no effect.

Alas and alack,

Talonbane had his revenge!


And once again Fen Rau failed to produce the goods.

And so it was that the fight was reduced to two on two.

Unfortunately, Fen boosted, hoping to catch Serissu in his front arc (Ability + Title + Fearlessness = Good Odds!), but, well...he overshot. Bother it.

Bother it indeed!

And so it was that the odds became 2:1 in Mark's favour.


Chances were missed.

Mistakes were made.

But eventually...


Now it was just ace on ace. Mano o' mano.

Mark had given me the initiative, so as he could react to my moves. Clever lad.

And so it was that he could barrel roll out of my firing arc while keeping me in his.

Again, we break and face each other once more.

I wasn't expecting that!

I have you now...

...right before Talonbane jumped to lightspeed!

Time was called, a Star Wars movie awaited, and a draw was declared.

It was a great game thanks Mark! Lots of fun.



  1. Excellent report again, Nick. I still haven't seen R1 yet, as the wife has the audacity to still be working until tomorrow, so we haven't had chance yet - bah! Still, we'll get there, I'm sure! Have to say, I'm very excited about this one...merry Christmas to you and yours BTW!

    1. Hi Monty. Thanks, it turned out to be a very evenly matched game.

      Rogue One's great. I dear say you will enjoy it!

      Many Christmas mate!

  2. Best looking Sci-Fi game I've seen. Well done. Didn't understand a word but I don't really have to to enjoy your scenery, game and gear. Smashing!

    1. Thanks! Yep, X wing's great! Only thing better than playing with toy spaceships is playing with toy Star Wars spaceships!