Monday, 1 June 2009

Speaking of Elephants...

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Just to prove I can actually paint an elephant (I wasn't sure there for a while), here is my Elephant/Behemoth element for my Numidian DBA/HOTT army.

I simply took a HaT 8023 Carthaginian Elephant and re-crewed it with a Carthaginian Punic militiaman and an Esci Muslim warrior.

The element beside it is a Cav/Hero General for, funnily enough, the same army.

It's s'posed to represent Juba I, he of "Let's beat those Romans" fame, flanked by Gallic and Spanish body guards.

Juba himself is actually a HaT Celtic cavalryman with a head swap from the Hanibal's Carthaginian Infantry, specifically one of the spearmen.

The 'Spaniard' is actually a HaT Punic Roman Cav figure. Although HaT have actually brought out Punic Wars Spanish Cav, I don't have any!


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