Monday, 1 June 2009

Numidian Imitation Blades

Next up in the Numidian gallery are two Imitation Blade elements.

Classed as Blades in both DBA and HOTT, in the DBA list (Book II/List 40) you're limited to one, but there is no such limit in HOTT. I thought "two's a good number."

In reality, it is highly unlikely that they were dressed so brightly, but hey, they do look good in red!

When fielding my DBA Numidians, I'm more likely than not to leave these behind and go with the all Psiloi option, as explained below, but to mix things up a little for the HOTT army it's nice to have some options besides...

Ditch 6 points worth and add two blades and a couple of lurkers to hold a stationary flank whilst the rest do the business elsewhere...perhaps...

Anyway, as I said, these give me some options, and they look cool!


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  1. Nick
    A flurry of posting activity.. I've been trying for an hour to upload photos for a battle report on a DBA Nick and I played this evening... Blogger consistently refuses to upload the photos... damn