Saturday, 19 December 2009

20mm VSF Mixed Media Steam Tank

Good evening,

I know I should have been adding text to the photos of my last couple of posts, but, well, school wound up toward the end of the year instead of winding down, and, well, I was distracted by making this...

I constructed this model in Google Sketchup and have exported the model as an open source 3d file format that Pepakura Paper Designer 3 can understand, which in turn converted the 3d model into a paper net - a 15 A3 page paper model, no less!

As indicated in the above images, I'm planning to arm and crew the tank with HaT's new Colonial Artillery, Gatling Gun and associated officers.

I may even make a couple of boilers to sit inside complete with a stoker. The funnels are most likely going to be drinking straws sticking up from out the back, and, hopefully some deck railings out of 1/32nd inch brass rod.

I'll head back to school over the next couple of days to print it out and grab some card to paste the sheets thereon. Then we'll see just how easy this thing'll be to assemble...


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