Sunday, 20 December 2009

3D Modelling...

...can be a wonderful thing!

Continuing to hack away at my Steam Tank in Google Sketchup, and it occurred to me that if I plonk some appropriately scaled miniatures in the model I would be able to adjust the view ports so's the minis can see out.

I tried to find a seated man for the Gatling turret, but it proved too fiddly to scale down to the same size as a 20mm miniature. Should be right though.

Now if I could only figure out which bit on the 2D paper print out corresponds to which bit on the 3D model. (Speaking of which, I've somehow managed to reduced it to 12 A3 pages now!)



  1. Wow - impressive work Nick. Looking at your site is making me interested in HOTT, but I'm trying to resist it. I don't need another obsession. Congratulations on surviving another year of school.

  2. Cheers Alan,

    I'm betting actually making the virtual model into a real one will be far more difficult!

    Yep, survived the year, and they even want me back - which is a first for me! All my other positions have been fixed term, this is my first permanent one.

    So no more spending the holidays looking for another job. Yahoo!

    Hows things with you? Your Poly's look brilliant (I have to agree with you 'bout the Hastati), and the Cromwells look fantastic.

    A mate's given me some fully painted Shermans to fill out my completely unpianted Esci Italian bound Kiwis and Americans for Crossfire.

    How's 'Disposable Heroes'?


  3. Congratulations on the job. Great to feel that you're able to put down roots in a school.

    Disposable Heroes looks good, but I've only given it a quick skim through so far. Painting and gaming time is rare at the moment with new twins, but I've been getting interested in DBA-RRR. I've already painted a ECW Parliamentarian army, but I like the look of some of the more exotic Renaissance-17th century armies that are possible now in 1/72 scale (eg Landsknechts and Polish Winged Hussars).