Sunday, 6 December 2009

HOTT Day in December!

Good afternoon,

I've just come back from an excellent day's gaming down at the Woolston club. Five HOTT battles, three wins (wahoo!), I even came second in our wee tourney - four players, three battles, two wins and a loss placed me at first equal with Robin. He won on having fewer elements lost. (Gordan wiped out 16 APs worth in the first game!) Not bad for having taken a Skellie, Hordes based army.

We played a couple of friendlies after lunch, this time I took Robin's Chaos army. First game, first element lost just happened to be my Hero General, so that was that! The dragons had just come on too..

Last game, same chaos army, but up aganst Robin's Lost World army. An exciting game, this one. I lost my general towards the end, but still managed to take apart his Wb to snatch the victory. Again, the Dragons came on, but this time the game lasted long enough for one to get killed by his God (King Kong, no less!), and the other just sat there as I needed the PiPs elsewhere.

All in all, a great day out.

Pictures to follow over the next week or so.


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