Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Oh, So That's Why It's So Big!

Good evening,

I went into school this morning to physically print off my Steam Tank model. All 15 A3 pages worth. Ok, thought I, and I grabbed some big sheets of card.

Home I went, lined up all the sheets on the lounge floor, and thought...hang on, this is huge! And so it was.

For some reason, Pepakura has printed my Sketchup model at three times the size I designed it to be. So, I printed it (as a PDF file) at 33%, and lo, by holding the ruler up to the PDF image (@100%) it seems to be right.

So back to school I'll have to go...



By the way, I've added some more virtual crew...

...and yes, I know the Turret Gunner has his feet poking through the floor!

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