Monday, 23 January 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different!

6mm Epic Armageddon Space Marines!

Good morning,

Over these holidays, as well as those Skellies and German support weapons, I've plodded away with these 6mm Epic Marines and Ruins. I now have about 2000 Epic Armageddon points painted. (And about 1500 points worth left unpainted including a couple of Titan proxies.)

What's this got to do with 20mm plastic figures, I hear you ask? Easy. They're plastic (well, apart from the Predators (those smaller tanks)), and cheap. Real cheap. Like, apart from the aforementioned Predators, I was given all of the Marines and over half of the opposing Orks (the other half I got dirt cheap), as well as all of these ruins, plus some.

The rules are free too and they play a fun game - tanks, giant stompy robotty things (Titans), tiny infantry and aircraft - what's not to love?! (Apart from the 40K background. Far too dark and occulty for my tastes - and more than a little ridiculous, hence me painting these in subdued greys rather than the clownish bright hues of most other Space Marine chapters.)

First up, the Supreme Commander (General) and a formation of Terminators (heavy, like really heavy, foot).

I didn't have enough figures for the regulation 5 figs per base, but I quite like having just four. It's as if to say "We're so tough we don't need no stinkin' fifth figure!"

Then we have two formations of grunts, your average Jo Blogs tactical Space Marines, including Rhino transports.

Then the Marines on bikes.

Good for assaults. (Got me some Assault Marines too, in the painting tray waiting for some attention).

Now for some armour.

The heavy tanks, the Mk II Land Raiders.

The Mark I Land Raiders, I always thought, look remarkably similar to the back end of Judge Dredd's Land Raider, as featured in The Cursed Earth.

Then we have the medium tanks, I guess you could call them, the Predators.

Two types. Annialators (with the two barrels), which are anti tank, and Destructors, which are best for anti personal. These are metal, all the way from the UK, and the only part of this army that I actually paid for!

And finally we have some Whirlwinds. Mobile 'artillery', though they are surprisingly short ranged.

I've also got some Dreadnoughts to paint up, but so far I have found them to be quite ineffective. They stomp along sooo slowly that they can't keep up with the Tacticals to whom they are attached when the Tacs are mounted up in their Rhinos. So the Rhinos have to crawl along at walking speak so's the Dreads can keep in formation.

Might use a house rule that says that although the Dreads are attached to the Tacticals, they don't have to keep up!

And that is about that. So far. 40 odd 'elements' plus a dozen ruin bases.

Now to arrange a game with my son and his mate Andrew...



  1. Nick, this is a fantastic post for a number of reasons (excellent reference to Judge Dredd BTW)as while 40K is not an area I would normally entertain, 6mm mass combat, is. I will now scrat about for some of these figures myself, but probably using THW 5150 SA rules.

  2. Cheers Monty!

    I thought 5150 was skirmish based? (Still, I've seen (on the 'net) these 6mm figs used for skirmish games!)

    Wouldn't mind checking out Future War Commander...wonder if they'd do a deal along with Blitzkrieg Commander for my 20mm WW2s...

  3. Nice work Nick. Not my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the effort you have put into these.

    Well done.

  4. Thanks Paul,

    Funilly enough Epic is what has piqued my interest in 20mm WW2. It's kinda fantasy WW2ish itself...


  5. Great stuff. I love 6mm stuff. They are cheap, easy to paint and look great in mass. I'm doing 6mm fantasy, trying to make armies for Tolkien's Silmarillion using Fantasy Rules!. If you are thinking about making a foray into 6mm fantasy, I highly recommend it as a rules system.


  6. Thanks Dimitri,

    I've got the GW 10mm LOTR Battle of the Five Armies box, purchased primarily in the hope that if enough people bought it, then they'd bring out a set for the Battle of Pelenor Fields! I don't think my cunning purchasing strategy worked...

    Yes, the 6mm stuff is great, but relatively hard to get over here (NZ), so these are kinda it for me. Great fun though.



  7. !!!Looks very impressive!!
    Judge dredd..nah!! Rogue trooper and nemesis were better :-D
    It´d be great if they brought out some 1/72nd scale rogue troopers!!

  8. Cheers Paul,

    And Amen to that brother!