Thursday, 19 January 2012

Second Spearhead Stouch

Good evening,

Just back from a very relaxed and enjoyable afternoon at Robin's for a second Spearhead stouch.

Robin set up an encounter battle with equal forces - his forces (+ my tanks). Three infantry battalions each, plus a regiment of amour each.

Four objective markers - BUA in the east, two hills in the centre, and bridge in the west.

I took the Brits, coming in from the north.

As it happened, my deployment was pretty much mirrored by Robin.

Well, 'cept my central infantry battalion was in front of my armour, and Robin's was to west of his.

As we advanced, I ran to get behind the walls of the eastern field...unfortunately, it didn't really help... Robin started pouring in a significant weight of fire...

Still, while I sat and took it, so to speak, in the centre, I managed to advance on the Eastern township...

...while my armour slowly came forward.

In spite of having a company suppressed as they went in, two other companies of the battalion carried on in to assault the town anyway.

With some considerable success.

'Specially since I was attacking three companies with but two!

Right, enough hanging around in the back, time to swing the armour to the west and then north.

In the meantime, my central battalion was getting a hammering.

(Not as much a hammering as my eastern battalion had though, but they survived a double moral test and vowed to fight on to a man!)

As the Shermans continued East (minus one that went down to a Pz IIIL - how rude!) the afternoon slowly drew to a close, so time was called.

Adding up victory points in relation to the initial objectives, Robin was declared the winner and 5 VP to 3.

And a good time was had by all. A jolly good time.

Thanks for the game Robin, and the coffee. And biscuits. And coversating. And stuff.




  1. Good photos and thanks for the great game Nick... this won't be the last!!!!


  2. Good AAR. I have found that with equal sized units the defensive side takes the win in the majority of the games.

    Interesting mix of figures on the table.

    Great work all around.

  3. Cheers Paul. It was a good game.

    Now I know how far those 6 pounders can shoot - I'll deploy them much closer next time!


  4. Some great looking figures in action.

  5. Thanks Fran.

    Your Dudley Constable set up is a-maz-zing! Great work!


  6. Thanks Rich, they were all Robin's. It was a great afternoon all round!


  7. Awesome game and great detail on the map Nick

  8. Thanks Al. Though, to be honest, it was Robin who set the whole thing up, including the map!

  9. Great looking game, Nick - never tried these rules, but love the classic WW2 look ;)

  10. Thanks Monty, it was fun. It'll move along a bit faster next time...and I'll bring those jolly guns into range!