Sunday, 7 October 2012

20mm Wierd War Two?

Good evening,

I was surfing the net when I found this... 15mm so I sent off this...

Good evening,

I’m a keen gamer of WW2 (and ancients and fantasy) using 20mm scale figures, and I was just wondering, have you considered producing your cool looking figs in 20mm in the dim and dark distant future? There are a number of WW2 20mm gamers out there...

Kind regards,

Nick Grant which I got this reply...

Hi Nick,

Being digital it is achievable and on the cards if demand is there, so round up some friends!

Russ at Team CG



  1. Sorry mate, not really my cup of tea- maybe some of the other blogites interested?

    1. Bro, where's your sense of adventure?! Just think of it as Pulp RPG on a bigger scale! :-)