Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Kiwi Infantry Finished...

...well, for now at least.

As I start on these carriers...

...I can now put away the last of my Kiwi infantry...for the time being anyway.

Well, almost all of them. Still got to do the ghillie suit on this sniper. Any ideas?

Anyway, with these infantry complete, I now have enough for two and a half Spearhead Battalions (@ four companies each comprised of three stands for each company), plus two HMG companies of three Vickers guns each, and three 3 inch mortar sections (plus two 6 pounder ATGs plus crew - and 10 Shermans, three Fireflies, M10s (to be completed) and one 25 pounder with crew and Quad).

One Battalion - the 24th of the 6th Brigade, 2nd NZ Division, c. 1944, with supporting HMG company and 3 inch mortar...

...the other, the 25th of the 6th Brigade, 2nd NZ Division, c. 1944, with supporting HMG company and 3 inch mortar...

...and the half Battalion, with supporting 3 inch mortar, which I'll consider to be part of the 22nd [Motorised] Battalion which was attached to the 4th [Armoured] Brigade, 2nd NZ Division, c. 1944.

Each of these Brigades are going to get a universal carrier each as an attached Carrier Platoon.

A fairly detailed breakdown of the 2nd New Zealand Division in Italy, circa March 1944 can be found here. I've emailed the NZDF for a breakdown of which Company was in which Brigade, so hopefully...

Anyway, this leaves me with this lot (along with the 5 F/O stands pictured sitting to the right of the 25th). Suppression markers for both Spearhead and Crossfire...

...three 2 inch mortars for Crossfire... well as the Platoon Commanders, again for Crossfire.

Of which I may need one more - three platoon commanders for each of the three platoons (of three stands) for each of the three Crossfire Companies. That makes nine, right? If I count correctly, I've only got 8. Ah well, I did find another Esci Tommy Gunner lying around in the stash the other day, so...sweet!

Apart from him, and the afore mentioned sniper, that'll be enough infantry for the time being. There's only so much room on the table, and that'll give me more than enough for a 600 point Spearhead attack list.

Now to finish this Sherman, Firefly and the M-10s before really getting stuck into the carriers.



  1. A wonderful collection my friend. Looking forward to seeing how you tackle the carriers.

    1. Cheers John, yep I'll get onto them once I've given these tanks a wash, highlight and mud.

  2. Looking great Nick.. will be awesome on the table.. really looking forward to these guys.


    1. Thanks Robin, I'm looking forward to using them.

      I read over Spearhead a couple of days ago - I didn't know you can pull out without orders! That centre Battalion in our last game would have faired much better had I read the rules!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Monty.

      It's funny how these things get away on you - this WW2 lark started as a small Crossfire project. "Nah, only need a couple of infantry companies" I said. "What, that's only 18 stands plus a few odds and sods, isn't it?"

      47 stands of infantry and support, and 21 AFV and art, and one a/c later...and that's just the Kiwis!

  4. Great work Nick, a real treasure trove of stands and items. Well done.

    1. Cheers Paul. Mostly done during school holidays, as it happened!