Friday, 5 October 2012

Kiwi Armour Completed...

...for the time being anyway - I still have to finish the universal carriers, and I want me some M5 Stuarts and Staghounds...

Good evening,

Before I start work on this afternoon's game, I thought to share the last of my Fireflies...


...and my two brand new M10s.

Yay for Armourfast kits! Cheap, quick and easy.



  1. Cool.
    Are they getting any decals?
    Commiserations about your loss to the Russian hordes.

    1. Thanks John.

      Nah, not initially...I ain't got me none. PSC are starting to bring some out, might wait to see what they offer. Still, got me nine of them now that could do with some "don't shoot me, I'm on your side" a/c id decals, so...might start looking locally. Or on the 'net.

      Any suggestions, one WW2 player to an ancients gamer?!

      And thanks for the sympathies, though it did learn me a thing or two - concentrate your forces!

    2. Oh yeah, plus these M-10s, plus the carriers. That's enough to justify getting a sheet of stars...

    3. Well, there's these:

      but they might be a tad expensive?

    4. Or these:

    5. Thanks John. Are those Skytrex decals 'sposed to look that dirty?