Friday, 5 October 2012

Lessons From The Eastern Front

Good evening,

Robin and I got together for a small Spearhead game this afternoon as an outing for his newly refurbished WW2 Russians (and good looking KV1s...well, from an impartial perspective at least...). 350 points were chosen as time was a bit pressed, so I chose...

Spearhead 350 pt German List Mid War Eastern Front

Here was the table...

...and here was my plan...

(I tell you, Tablet PCs (replete with stylus) are the way to go! Mine's, what, four years old and I wouldn't be without it. (This'd be about week 356 of a two week trial!)

Sure the battery life sucks, and it's a lot heavier that a touch tablet, but I can write on it! And don't tell me you can write on your iPad. Writing with a finger (or a stylus-that-is-only-as-good-as-a-finger) doesn't count!

Which is why I'm dead keen to try a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in the classroom. It's got a pen you can use while resting your palm on the device! Not for me you understand, I still need the power of a laptop to plug in an interactive whiteboard, for ActiveInspire and MS Office, for The Gimp and stuff, but for the children to use. I dream of a paperless/bookless classroom in the junior school...and unlimited funds for the school to be able to provide such equipment!

But I digress!)

So I set out some toys...

...Robin set out some toys...a lot of toys...

...and away we went.

As I saw Robin's deployment, I thought to commit my reserve to the centre to support the assault on the town.

As I advanced on the right, Robin likewise advanced on his left. Thar be trouble abrewing...

...'specially considering that he had already taken the town I was hunkering after...

Right, time for a change in plan. Stop there and turn to face.

In the meantime my armour had reached its initial objective...

...only to be shot to pieces by Robins artillery shooting over open sights!

Which sends the remaining tank and HQ scurrying away. Right by the advancing reserve.

Dunno about you, but had I seen my side's tanks running away it might give me cause for some second thoughts...

On my right we start to get down to the business of war.

The reserve nears it's objective (the wood) and starts to come under some fire from the advancing Soviet centre.

Keep in mind Robin still had two un-engaged Battalions on his right! But that wasn't really the problem. My biggest issue was the attrition on my own right.

Seeing how Robin was beginning to advance from the town sector as well as the flank, I conceded the game.

And lets face it, the centre didn't look so secure either!

For Robin's side of things, click here

So, what did I learn? To concentrate my forces! If you want to advance, support that advance!

The tanks should have been on my right flank along with that infantry battalion, with the smaller infantry battalion supporting it's left. Basically, with such small numbers I should have refused both the left and centre!

Or alternatively, refuse the centre and right and concentrated on taking the two objectives by the river.

Still, you game, you learn. I'm looking forward to taking my Kiwis out for a 450 point encounter game against Robin's Germans on Monday.

Thanks Robin,



  1. Nice write-up, and a good game.


  2. Looks like a good game. Tough scenario with that on board artillery. I think staying on the right (objective heavy) side of the river is the only option. If you had assaulted to the left of the river I think you would have been penned in at the bridges. At least you had room to maneuver on the other side.

    1. Thanks Sean. I'd actually thought to just take the two objectives and then defend the river bank. I quite liked the idea of being penned in!