Monday, 3 December 2012

HOTT Carnage 2012, Battle 1


On Sunday the 2 December, a wee group of us (6 + Robin, who adjudicated) gathered together for the second of our two annual HOTT competitions - HOTT Carnage 2012.

I took my...

  1. Numidians
  2. VSF Brits
  3. Earl Imperial Romans
  4. Raetian Goblins
  5. Skellies

And so it began.

Game 1, my Numidians, vs...

Yep, Mark pulled together a HOTT army from My Little Pony toys! Classed them as Knights (they should have been Riders Mark!), with an Aerial Hero, Sneaker (the cake - something about the enemy general getting his just deserts...) and Cleric (the flower pot. Why? Can't remember!). The stronghold was, appropriately enough, a chest of gold, with an Artillery element off table, represented by a parcel thrower..!

Now, that's either pretty gay, or representative of some jolly big cajones to break out this army in front of a bunch of guys!

Either way, it was a pretty cool army, and displaying the flexibility of the army list system and the general good natured tenure of the competition beautifully!

Right, I laid out my Numidians only to have Mark declare that all of these prancing ponies - clearly Riders to all and sundry, with the exception of the one with wings and the unicorn - were Knights. Oh stink, did I say to myself. My poor Numidian ponies were going to be kinda up against it then...

Our lines closed...

...oh, aren't they cute!

Mark lined up his General killer (the Sneaker element, the Cake of Doom) across from Juba, my Hero General.

Only to have it run away after the first combat. Its all puff and icing!

Keep an eye on that Rainbow dash...

Pinky Pie was also a tough customer.

Now there's a sentence you don't see every day!

Thankfully Starsong, Mark's Aerial Hero, cost too much to move too often!

Meanwhile, Mark slowly set up his other flank.

(How can you take such a relaxed looking pony to be any kind of threat?!)

Finally, my God, a great wall of sand, arrived to deal with that pesky Starsong.

In the meantime Rainbow Dash continues her advance to my base edge...

Mark flies Starsong into my little effect. I get a recoil result, but you can't recoil a God!

Right, finally, I've got Rainbow Dash just where I want...her...

Oh, come on!

And then my God disappears!

Oh, come on!

Mark sneaks his Sneaker in behind my General, ready to unleash the exploding buttocks of...cake?

Well, cutting off any recoil that may be forced upon him anyway.

Rainbow Dash turns back to menace more Numidians, so, now that it's finally isolated, I pounce.

Unfortunately, so does Mark.


Again I say, Huzzah!

It wasn't to last. Mark unleashes...Starsong...

Oh crap, nowhere to recoil...

And just to add insult to injury...

...and that was the end of that. A good old fashioned drubbing at the hands of one of the more unlikely armies to grace the table!

Well played Mark.

Well played indeed.



  1. "Mark sneaks his Sneaker in behind my General, ready to unleash the exploding buttocks of...cake?

    Well, cutting off any recoil that may be forced upon him anyway."

    Not at all - your general would have recoiled through the Sneaker.

    1. Really? Ha! So, all in all, Sneakers...not so much with the effective killing machines then?

  2. I think you are all mad in a nice way. Whatever next?

    1. No argument there! What's next? IIRR I deal to an African Animal army (the AAA) with my VSF Brits. Finally, my airboat manages to kill something!

  3. Replies
    1. Aw mate, have a cup of tea and a lie down, you'll feel much better. Then pick up a copy of HOTT, make up your own army and go for it!