Thursday, 23 January 2014

Silly City Sabot Shenanigans

Good evening.

I've just spent a good amount of time dictating this post to my phone, only to have it send the memo to my computer in a format Windows does not understand! So this'll be brief.

Here are some city bases that I made from MDF in which to place my Epic ruins.

(Shots from today [Saturday, the 25th]'s game - bat rep to follow)

Sorry for the quality of the photos, they were taken on my phone. Clever wee thing that it is!

The idea is to line these city boards all up (and back to back) to, well, form a city scape, replete with nice straight roads. (I got the idea from the fact that just plonking these ruin pieces on a green table top doesn't really look city-ish. And if I had just cut roads they'd get all knocked about during the game. And, well...'s worth a crack, Nigel!)

All cut to fit inside a standard file box. I even cut out some holes to fit some plastic craters I've got lying around.

I'm hoping to have some basically painted for a game Mark and I are having this Saturday afternoon.




  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I thought so. I hope it works as I had envisioned!

  2. Love them! Fantastic idea :) I''ll have to get you to make me some too!

    1. And you're right, just plonking the ruins down on a table doesn't look the best, it is easy though!

    2. Umm...well I've got some spare MDF if you want to give it a go.

    3. I totally get that. I just had some wood and some time on my hands.

    4. "You had some wood and time on your hands"...I must get my mind out of the gutter.

      Nice work all around Nick. Painting them?

    5. Yeah. See that bright blue/grey of the ruins? I'm hoping that my remaining half pot of Humbrol acrylic #64 (I think - same colour I painted the underside of the Stuka and Bf-109) will last to complete the task for which it was originally purchased.

      Acorn were throwing out a whole heap of Humbrol acrylic at $2 a pot, and I wanted a blue grey to paint my Epic ruins, just happened to be the same colour as the Luftwaffe used on the underside of their a/c early war!

      Now of course if I run out (and it's likely) I'll have to pay full price for it's replacement!

  3. I like these as a compromise between a fully done up board where every building or ruin has a fixed place, and merely plonking the ruins down on a grey board. This way you should be able to add some of the detail you get with a more senic board, with out as much comitment to placement.

  4. Thanks. Mostly they're about storage and standardization. I don't have anywhere to keep dedicated city boards and I figure Imperial cities will be based around the cookie cutter principle of one size fits all, which is why I'd based the ruins on 100 by 100 bases in the first place.

    We'll see what they look like on the table. First game with them is about 30 minutes away.