Thursday, 12 February 2015

X Wing Escalation Game 1

Good evening,

Well, last Sunday, as part of the War Clouds over Woolston Wargaming Weekend, I participated in the Escalation X Wing event. Eight participants, each with four lists - the subsequent list made out of the bulk of the previous list: 60 points, then 90, then 120, culminating in 150 points. we go!

I was up against Chris with his two Bs - Keyan Farlander with a few bits and bobs, and a Blue Squadron pilot.

But I got to shoot first! Quite liking the Target Lock, Experimental Interface and Expose combo - an extra attack die with re-rolls for the price of a stress marker. Bang bang!

Or rather bang, bang, bang, bang - with another bang at close range!

Anyhow, Blue guy tries to deny me an action by flying into me. But with the Dauntless title card, I can still play an action. Again, at the cost of a stress. So more chunks come off Mr Farlander.

Still, it wasn't all one way. See that ongoing crit? I managed to throw it off, but still...

Alas for poor Mr Farlander...

...he couldn't really say the same.

And then there was one.

Who could still dish out the pain.

There goes Expose!


Still, one B Wing, trying to take down a big nasty Devastator...

...was a bit of a big ask! Specially when he flew through a debris cloud and rolled a crit...and a nasty one at that!

And so ended Game 1.

Thanks Chris,



  1. Hmm and what happened to my Indians Nick? I saw one of the two Sinhalese lists won, that was you right?! :)

    Thanks for pic of retro knight too :)

    1. Hi Mark,

      Umm, yeah, err...they got completely done over! They did win one [competition] game (and a friendly) - they took out 10 elements of an Aztec list (6 horde plus the four that mattered) , but mostly the bows got run down in the open by heavy foot. I guess I was too impatient and wanted to get the bows shooting... One elephant spent the first game chasing a Ps for most of it, then finally got double overlapped and taken down.

      Still they were fun games with an army/combination that I hadn't tried. Thanks for the loan.

      And...sorry, what retro knight?


    2. Oh no! Tragedy... ah well! :)

  2. Awww...every time I look at this bloody time...too much going on...prioritise...:-(

    1. Aww, go on - you know you want to!! At least these come painted!

      (But I hear ya bro!)

  3. I think I'd love to play a bit of escalation in X-Wing...

    1. Yes, it was a fun series of games. I've been meaning to post the next one, but school's back...and I'm off to the Foo Fighters tonight!