Friday, 20 February 2015

X Wing Escalation Game 2

Good evening,

Right, one quite resounding victory from the first game, time to try my luck with my first re-enforcements - an Academy Tie and a Alpha Squadron Tie Interceptor.

Seeing as I had the lower pilot skills, I set up in the corner, ideally to go head to head with the Falcon.

Unfortunately, Darryl set up in the centre, so I tried to turn the Ties in front of the Dauntless.

What a mess!

And it didn't get much better...

And in the confusion...

...drats! Nasty nasty Zeds. And my poor wee interceptor didn't even get to fire a shot!

So I fly the Tie out of the way while the Falcon takes on the Dauntless.

Right, time to get that Tie pointing in the right way.

But not before it takes a crit.

Oh come on!!

Ok, re-enforcements did absolutely diddly squat!


And I've yet to significantly scratch the Rebels.


Ok. At this point I realised that I'd never take down Darryl's fat Han, so...roll out a Target Lock, Experimental Interface and Expose onto that Zed lurking in the back.

Next turn, after taking chunks of that Headhunter...

Boom! Courtesy of Expose. Great card on a Devastator, I tell ya.

Next turn... Zed. Boom!

And then, time was called. On final count back...I won by one point!

Still, a win's a win!

Cheers Darryl,


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