Wednesday, 25 February 2015

X Wing Escalation Game 4

Good evening,

And so it came down to it. Three games, two wins...according to the established pattern, it was time for another comprehensive win!!

So, for this final 150 point list, I brought out the big gun...

Soontir Fell, with Push the Limit.

Again my opponent - Jonathan this time - obliged by setting up his [Fattish] Han head to head, with the intention of pinning me to the front and buzzing around the fringes with his A Wing Aces, so I was able to concentrate my fire...

...whilst, and at the same time, avoiding at least a few of his fire arcs.

Boom! Han's coup de grace given by a lowly Academy Tie.

With the Tie Interceptor...

...zapping a Zed.

I think that that was the Alpha Squadron Pilot's first significant contribution up until that point!

In the meantime Tycho and Gemmer Sojan chased The Dauntless.

Or tried to. I was able to get some Ties to run interference...

...whilst Johnathan flew his remaining Headhunters out of the fray.

Alas and alak...

...the peck peck pecking finally burst the Rear Admiral's bubble.



...what goes around, comes around.

Again, the Tie I steps up.

From there... was a bit of a mop up operation...and a chase down of the last A Wing...

...which was when Jonathan became a little tired of my 'place an explosion marker to indicate the demise of your ship' foibles.

So, in the end, overall, when all things were considered and counted up...I ended up in the middle of the field. Which I was quite happy with, considering that I was pinning my lists on a big ol' egg timer!

Thanks for the games boys, and thanks for the $20 random-draw-voucher and $10-off-when-spending-$50, Mighty Ape.

(I got me a couple of brushes and some Orc Gore Riders!)



  1. Congrats on the vouchers :)

    And does this mean we get to see the DBA games now?? :) Also are you up for another go at some DBA using your other plastics late March?

    1. Hi Mark,

      Umm...err...ahh...I didn't actually take any photos of the DBA games! Pity really, they would have made good "this is what you don't do" learning tools!

      As for more games - yes please! I've got single armies of Numidians, Sarmatians, Early Hoplite Greeks, Early Germans, Marian Romans plus my ABs and EIRs. Lots of unpainted stuff! What do you fancy?


    2. Cool bring along your painted stuff and lets randomise choice of armies in 2-3 games, will e-mail you closer to time. Get your Persians finished too!