Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Brexit - The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

Good afternoon,

Still getting over the flu, and it's back to work tomorrow, so...yeah, not the most fun I've had over any given school break. But there you go.

On the plus side, the shield transfers that I ordered from Little Big Men Studios arrived today.

Enough for my Macedonians, Carts and Hoplites.

Now I just have to wait patiently for my Newline order - more Macs, some Hoplites, a few Huns and LIRs.

Thanks to Brexit for the falling Pound!

I've also been hacking away at some Velites and Numidians...


...some of whom have lost their bows, and even some mounted skellies.

I've also just undercoated the last three elements of Marian Roman legionaries (and the last two elements of Parthian light horse) so I'm hoping that I can get my Marians finished by the start of term. I hope.



  1. Good on ya Nick! Those LBMS shield decals are excellent, have used lots of them on my Dark Age stuff, as well as their banners.
    I have been keeping an eye on exchange rate too, problem is Aussie dollar is not brilliant, and PayPal never gives the same rates of exchange that are indicated on up-to-date currency converters. Things are not always what they seem....
    Glad to see you managed a wee bit of painting & gaming despite the dreaded man flu! :-)

    1. Ha! Man flu nothing! It's been a real bummer!

      We'll see how these transfers go. Many of the miniatures I want to apply them to are already based.

  2. Excellent progress Nick. Man flu is no joke!