Tuesday, 12 July 2016

X Wing South Island Regionals

Wouldn't that rip your nighty? First week of the school holidays and I've caught the flu that's was ravaging school last week. Bother!

 Anyway,  good afternoon,

Last week I participated in the X Wing South Island Regionals. It was a lot of fun. And to which I took a fun wee list.

Manaroo moves first, focuses (should have target locked, but I only understood that 'till after), giving everyone else a focus, thanks to mindlink, then everyone else moves, also focusing (thus getting two each). At the start of the combat phase, ideally, Palob steals a focus from a nearby opponent, thus giving him three (or Manaroo gives hers to Palob, and receives one back herself thanks to mindlink), then Kaatoo steals Manaroo's focus, and she gets one back (thanks to mindlink), leaving Marnaroo with one focus, the Black Sun Ace with two, and Kaatoo and Palob with three- which he needs. One for the blaster turret, one for attack and one for defence.

Had Manaroo TL'd then Palob would have had re rolls when he desperately needed them. All the focuses in the world won't do you any good if you roll blanks!

'Course, when one got stressed...

Anyhow, once again I got top...of the bottom third, but...

...a good time was had by all!


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