Sunday, 24 July 2016

Brexit - The Gift That Keeps On Giving...Again...

Good afternoon,

A couple of days ago I received my second Brexit inspired purchase from the UK. Newline 20mms.

Hoplites (Command and Advancing)...

(They weren't quite as compatible with the HaT figs as I had envisioned. Still, they look great!)

...Macedonian Command elements...

(Which now bulks out my number of Macedonian pikemen DBA elements to 16 - two more (eight figures) and I'd have enough for a triple Alexandrian Macedonian army!)

...Late Imperial Romans...

(To supplement my MiniArt LIR Infantry and HaT LIR Cav)

...and Huns.

(To supplement my not-as-historical-as-I-had-hoped-but-still-quite-lovely Lucky Huns.)

As the Macedonian command packs came with two trumpeters, I decided to spread them out. For example, one went to this Hoplite element.

I quite like the way the Little Big Man Studios shield decal worked with this one. Now I just have to wait for the Army Painter Dip to dry...



  1. Lovely looking figures Nick. I think the Newline stuff will look great once they're all painted up!

    1. Thanks John. Yep, I think they'll do the biz. Well, on the painting front anyway. Whether they help me win games is another matter entirely!

  2. I think they'll go together fine painted up, good move.

    Brexit is costing me a fortune and many boxes piling up... :)

    1. Ha! As mum used to say - you can go broke saving money!