Friday, 27 January 2017

Orcs Away!

Good evening,

Back to work next week, but I have managed to finish the touch ups and rebasing of these two Orc Kings of War Ax Regiments, which are now sitting back in their boxes awaiting for another drubbing!

Spot the slacker!

I actually picked up the fellow lying down like that. With an axe in his forehead. So, with a little bending of his knee and upper arm, I laid him down, like.

Spot the Orclings!

I also managed to name up a Dave Graffam Model's Ruined Longhouse. They were having a $1 sale and I thought, well, I could do with some 28mm fantasy buildings for KOW...

It's actually pretty jolly cool - well worth the money!



  1. Nice, euh... ugly Orcs :D Cool to see more and more players using KoW. I discovered this set of rules last year. After reading, I was not sure, but after a couple of battles, I must say that I was convinced.

    1. Thanks Phil. They were picked up from all, over the place, in an effort to keep the price down. I'm looking forward to getting more KOW games in.

  2. Great work Nick; I've got a lot of the Dave Graffam stuff too and love it. Excellent value and effective, too.

    1. Thanks Monty. I've got one tall skinny library that I'm wanting to pull together. Just got to watch my colour photocopying budget at work. And whether anyone misses these school promo folders that I'm using!