Friday, 13 January 2017

Parthians Put Away...and Goblins

Good morning,

Finally, after two years, my 20mm HaT Warmaster Ancients is complete! I present to you my five WMA command elements that round the army out to about 1000 points.

I should really do another unit of Light Horse, but that's another six figures, which would require another box...doable at some point, but not right now!

Speaking of getting things done, I have also managed to rebase two Kings of War regiments of Goblins, all ready for a game with Robin tonight.

Please note, these were already painted when I bought them.

I decided to keep them all bunched up like this because that's the way I think they'd fight. All huddled together. Not like their big Orc cousins, who want a bit of room to swing their axes.

Right, now, to finally start on those Macedonians.


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