Tuesday, 16 May 2017

2017 X Wing Christchurch Regionals - Game 1

Good evening,

My first game for the 2017 Christchurch Regionals and I was up against that most rare of beasts - a female X Wing player!

Abby had rocked down from Auckland (with some magnificent tatoos - one of Princess Leia, one of Captain Phasma), with Mind Linked Fen Rau and a couple of rather pretty Jumpmasters.

I was flying...

...Palob with TLT, Kato with clusters and a couple of Heavy Sycks with Mangler Cannon.

I was a bit scared of, well, all of the list - that's a lot of hull for my little ships to chop through - so I set up as far away as I could, hoping to work around their flank.

Scary, but pretty.

Pretty-In-Purple flies onto a rock...

...taking no damage, however.


Still I wind my way around, sending one Syck the long way round. Funny ships these. Can't fly fast, can't fly slow...

We all start turning in...

Well, at least I wasn't flying into all of them at once.

Alas, a lucky crit got through to Palob, and...

...poos! All of my upgrades and pilot skills went kerflunk!

Yay, my Hawk is now a one attack mini bus!

It was then pointed out to me that I just lost Palob's skill and the Elite upgrade...though I still lost the TLT thanks to Boba who was crewing Pretty-In-Purple.

And then...

...Fen Rau comes to the party...

...as does Pretty-In-Purple!




Time was called. IIRC I did at least manage to get one of the Jumpmasters down to half points...?

Well played Abby, well played!



  1. Thanks Phil! It was a good game, lots of sharks circling before the commit!