Monday, 22 May 2017

2017 X Wing Christchurch Regionals - Game 4

Vs. Jeremy and his brutal one two punch. Another big ship list. Urghh. Whatever happened to the X Wing I used to know? Reminds me of a song...

Good evening,

Right, back to the bottom tables again I go, this time meeting Jeremy who was on his way back up, flying Asajj and Bossk with a very effective combination of upgrades...which I can't remember right now. Something about a very very powerful alpha strike.

Not really wanting to face either of them, I setup my little guys in the middle.

Then split my forces, my more agile ships going one way, my less agile the other.

Unfortunately, a Scyk gets tractored onto a rock...

...and is dealt with with contempt!

Bossk shoots at Palob...

...and takes out his TLT. Again!

Aghh, once again the Hawk is down to but one attack dice in the front arc!

Ughh...Asajj comes to squash us from behind.

Kaa'to is tractored out of his opportunity to shoot at the slaver transport, denying him his scavenger-craned missile shot.

Tractored once again...

...Kaa'to gets done by anti pursuit lasers...I think...


The Scyk gets done in...

...which just leaves Palob... die horribly!

Well, at least I got the YV down to half points.

Well played Jeremy, well played.


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