Tuesday, 23 May 2017

2017 X Wing Christchurch Regionals - Game 5

Vs Darryn. Best game of the day - came down to the difference of two whole points!

Good evening,

So it was that I came to the last game of the day. Another big ship centred list, Dengar in The Punishing One, with a Kihraxz and a Protectorate. I figure I've got a better chance to take out his little fellows than Dengar, and deploy accordingly, with a sneaky attempt to fly a Scyk off to the left.

Silly Scyks. Can't fly fast. Can't fly slow. Can carry a cannon.

We close...

...and Kaa'to gets lucky with his Clusters against the Kihraxz.


I keep forgetting to reroll with my own Dengar, so put the card down to remind me!


...the card wasn't down for long!

More swirling and twirling...

...this is the X Wing I enjoy, fighters against fighters...

...and Kaa'to goes kablooey. Again.

Darryn flies off Dengar to allow his gonk droid to charge up shields, with leaves his fighter against mine.




Still, by now I've eaten into Dengar's hull, though Darryn keeps denying me half points by reapplying shields from Gonk! Well played Darryn, well played...

...though this last shot stripped his last shield...

...and time was called!

Huzzah! Now this was a great game, very close, very cool. Yes I lost, but only by two points!

Thanks Darryn,


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