Thursday, 10 October 2013

One HOTT Spring Night - Game Two

Good afternoon,

Well, after being done over in the last game, I tried again with the Sarmatians. This time I was the defender, so I thought to restrict the width of the field a touch...

...through the expedient of placing a wood on one flank, and steep hills on the other.

Time I swapped out a Knight for a couple of Lurkers to help out in the rough going. And I placed a couple of local reserves for when my flanks got into a spot of bovver.

Robin's army stayed the same.

Nasty, nasty dragon...

Anyway, in we went again...

Ok, so far, so good. Then Robin throws a six, calls up the dragon, and, well...

...flies it in behind my General. So, when he gets pushed back, seeing as how he was double overlapped...

...aww man!

That's the second game you've lost me!

I'm beginning to wonder if plonking a Knight General in the front row is a good idea...



  1. It's a good plan but between the dragons and the dice gods!!!!

    1. Both in equal measure! Cheers Fran.