Wednesday, 9 October 2013

One HOTT Spring Night - Game One

Good afternoon,

Last night, having put aside my toys, I headed out to Robin's for some HOTT fun.

First game saw my Sarmatians up against his Army of Chaos.

I took 10 Knights (including a general) and one of Robin's dragons.

He took 1 Hero General, 4 Knights, 4 Blades and 2 Hordes.

Nice simple table, I was the aggressor, and away we began.

Robin cleverly refused the flank where I had an overlapping advantage and pushed forward the other flank where I did not.

So I piled in anyway.

Here we see my General rushing in where angels would have fear'd to tread.

After a bit of pushing and shoving...

The inevitable happened...

...and, seeing as that was my general that just got mobbed by those nasty blue headed freaks...that was the game!

Hmmm...silly Dragon not turning up...hmmm...



  1. Nice batrep and great looking figures!

    1. Thanks Phil. Robin's done a great job on his Chaos army, and I'm quite pleased with my Sarmatians as well. Well, apart from the fact they've lost every game so far!