Saturday, 8 November 2014

South Island Regional X Wing Miniatures Game Competition Game 2

Good afternoon,

Right, still smarting from the first game, it was down to the middle tables for the second game.

This time the Yavin Four were up against Ben with his two Blue Squadron Bs (with fire-control systems and heavy laser cannon) and Keyan Farlander (he can remove 1 stress to change focus results to hits), with fire-control system, push the limit and an engine upgrade.

Seeing as how my "lets-bring-'im-in-through-the-asteroids" worked so well last time, I thought I'd try a variation of it again! But this time I'd try to flank him by...sending my slowest brick of a Y Wing the long way round...hmmm....I keep wanting my Wave 1s to fly like, well, Wave 3s!

At least I had managed to strip Keyan's shields and start taking chunks out of his hull before, well...


So Keyan flies on, while Dutch and Garven were trying to deal to one of the other Bs...

Now that's just sneaky!

And to add insult to injury, Garven turns in right in front of him, just to...

...well, yes. Do that. Right there.


Which left Red 2 in a target rich environment.

Oh, come on!

That Keyan is a machine!

Well played Ben, well played.