Thursday, 26 November 2015

Whiz Bang at Wizards, Game 1 Vs Jared

Good evening,

And a good evening it is down here. A balmy 25 deg C at half is indeed quite pleasant.

Anyhoo, as per my last post, I played in a wee four round tourney at The Wizard's Retreat last Saturday. I looked at the toys I hadn't played with for a while, and decided on a Battle of Endor list. Lando with Neim Nunb, and an upgraded Wedge.

My first game was against Jared. He of Raider fame.

He was flying a 6 Tie swarm, with Howlrunner, Backstabber (dratted Backstabber) and an Omega Ace in a new fangled Tie/FO.

Yikes, his six versus my two! Still, gotta love the shirt!

I set up on the edge of the map, forcing him to fly through the debris to come get me.

It kinda worked. Look at all those stressed Imperials. One had even taken a crit.

(Yes, yes, Wedge is stressed too, but that was by design - push the limit with a heap of green moves to shake it off thanks to his R2 unit.)

Lando unleashes his Concussion Missiles for even more bang. Sweet.

Next bound and first guns go to Wedge...

Three crits and a hit! Boo ya!

Not to be outdone...

...Lando takes out Howlrunner.


We split...

...turn around...

...and face each other one more time.

Boo ya!

Wedge does indeed shoot first.

Alas the Omega Ace spends his Target Lock and Focus to land three crits into Lando.


Next bound and Backstabber takes huge chunks out of the Falcon (+ one die for being out of the Falcon's firing arc, + another for Range 1)


First priority for Wedge?

Take out that Omega!

I try to bug out with Lando...

...but even so...



So now it was down to two to one.

Still, one 4K later, and...


Boom! Boom!

And so it came to pass, my first win. But at a cost. 59 points, to be exact.

Wedge did much better than I expected. That combo of Engine upgrade, PTL and the R2 unit really gives him some options. Bit pricey but...

Thanks for the game Jared, I must admit that it was pretty cool seeing so many Ties on the board. Lando didn't think so, but still...




  1. Your X-Wing reports are infectious. I recently saw someone mention a co-op campaign called heroes of the Aturi Cluster that might help my boy ease back into the game.

    1. Cheers Sean. And thanks for that heads up. I might give that campaign thingie over the holidays...or at the very least try out the solo A.I. mechanisms.