Monday, 30 November 2015

Whiz Bang at Wizards, Game 2 vs. Damon.

Good evening,

Well after that win, I went up to table 5. Sweet! Up with the big boys! And Damon ain't no slouch!

He was running a Palp mobile with Soontir and Vader. Urghh. Two uber-aces and a Master of the Die.

Damon won the initiative, and had me move first. So I did. Wedge right into Vader. Even Damon uttered words to the effect of "What were you thinking?!"

Well, that ain't good!

I split my shooting, and terrain splits my boys...

...forcing me to halve my fire...

...for two turns...and then, just when Lando had a Range 1 shot with his turret...

...I fly him onto an asteroid. Not once...

...but twice! Arghh! (You can't shoot if you've flown onto an asteroid.)

Arghh indeed!

Look at that! I could have had Soontir dead to rights!

Stink, stink, stink!

And the rest... they say...

...was inevitable!

Fly like a Rook, die like a Rook! A couple of major brain farts on my part, and Damon took full advantage of my silly mistakes.

Well played Damon, well played indeed!


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