Wednesday, 8 July 2009

HOTT Day in July - Battle 3

On to Battle 3...

Andy Gorman's 28mm (Boo! Hiss! He had this army in 20mm plastics and they looked way cool! Why Andy? Why? Oh, the plascicity!) Victorian era Pan-European Union army, complete with Venutian allies...

  • 1 x Hero General

  • 1 x Behemoth

  • 8 (count 'em 8!) x Shooters

  • 1 x way cool stronghold, with a bendy base

The battle ground was dominated by three steep hills and a patch of rough going...hang on, this is the same as last time, 'cept we're coming in from different sides!

As Andy had split his forces in three (what's "twain", but for three? "Twix"?), and he had all those Shooters (8 of the blessed things!), I decided to cower my mounted behind the hills for as long as I could, and strike forth with my Hordes. And so I did.

As Andy started rolling out his Steam Tank from the Stronghold, I started to move up my Giant to support what I was sure was to be his target - my horde of Hordes.

In crashed my Horde, with Beasts supporting...

...with pretty good success. First blood to me!

Unfortunately, Andy's support was not far off. Those alien Shooters were getting too close for comfort.

Still, my Hordes rolled in again, while one element of doggies 'closed the door' on his end shooters, and I ran the other to the relative safety of the Steep Hill.

Huzzah! Another one down!

In response, Andy pulled back his remaining Shooter, and brought the weight of the Steam Tank to bear on my Beasts-in-the-open. "That can't be good", thought I.

In the centre I decided to chance my luck and brought forward my other Beasts to try to run over his Venutians before they got stuck into my Giant with their laser pistols...

Alas and alak, it was too late. My Giant got shot down in a blaze of burning laz fire. The reek of seared flesh filled the battlefield as the Giant disappeared completely, leaving not so much as a pile of ash. Stink. Literally.

In the meantime, Andy's tank had managed to roll over my poor doggies. Things were starting to look a little grim.

So in charge my doggies... quickly die and recoil in horror respectively!

Well that didn't work, did it?!

In the meantime, Bessie had rolled into my Horde...

...and they actually survived! Bessie followed up, as Behemoths are want to do, which opened up interesting new possibilities from my perspective.

Interesting possibilities indeed...

...which the Steam Tank for one was not in the least bit interested in perusing! And yet more of the Raetian Goblin army gets squashed by Bessie.

Still, I did at least manage to dispatch the last of his British Rifles.

On the other flank, the German rifles finally got into the action... the detriment of one of my Lizard Riders! Bother.

Then it came down to it. The Venutians had worked around and had managed to come into the fray against the doggies who were ready to pounce on the Behemoth.

Unfortunately, a chance to pounce they did not get. Once again, to the fizz of alien laz pistols, my poor wolves were reduced to their constituent atoms...

...and that was that. I did at least manage to recoil Bessie, but, well, when all said and done, it just wasn't quite the sweet taste of victory that I was hoping it may have been...

Stink, stink, stink! Shooters? Whatdayadoingtodo when half your army is mounted and the other half are Hordes? Not much, apparently!

Still, it was pretty cool to play against such good looking minis, and I did appreciate how Andy split his forces for me to at least take down something!



  1. Another nice report.. thanks Nick..a good read.


  2. Cheers Robin,

    It took ages to find the band width here at home - we were all fighting over the connection!