Thursday, 28 August 2014

2014 Comic Compulsion X Wing Miniatures Game Store Championship Game 2

Good evening,

So, Game 1 won (against expectations), and, since I had just lost my A Wing (poor fellow) @ 17 pts, I was, well, promoted to the top table. With Neil. Cool!

Neil was running a classic New Hope list - two X Wings escorting two Y Wings. Specifically...
  • Dutch Vander with an ion cannon
  • a Gold Squadron Y Wing with an R5 astromech droid
  • Garven Dries in an X Wing
  • and a Rookie X Wing pilot
So we set up and away we went.

After a couple of passes with the Falcon, taking little chunks off the Gold Squadron Y Wing...

....Wedge was able to deliver the coup de grace.


...Neil took notice of my poor wee A Wing, just sitting there, waiting to, well, ok, vaporise a passing Y Wing...

...and did the vaporising afore hand.

And then Wedge took a wrong turn. Literally. I meant to turn the dial to the left, instead I turned him to the right. Bother!

Just in time to get to get ionized.


Still, Han flew to the rescue and managed to pile hurt onto Dutch, inflicting a critical hit which disabled his secondary weapon - his ion canon. Sweet!

Then the Rookie flew just a little too close to the Falcon, and...


With the ion canon out of the game, Wedge got a bit more room to breathe.


...Dutch's hull gave out.

Which just left Wedge... take out Garvin. So to speak.

And that was Game 2.

Thanks Neil, the banter and pop culture references really made the game.


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