Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Great Hawker Named-After-A-Weather-Event Aircraft Group Build Day 8

Good evening,

Another quick update - I've now filled the seams of the fuselage, attached the tail and main planes and getting annoyed that I didn't get the right paints last weekend!

Ah well...

To get the main planes even I should have rigged up some sort of jig that ensured the right dihedral. Instead, I tried to do it by eye!

The jury is still out whether or not this will be good enough...

And Andy was right - there is some considerable filling to be done in the wing roots (which is why I've left off the gun barrels 'till I've finished filling and sanding and stuff).

Well done to Paul who's all but finished his Tempest. Nice job he's done on it too.



  1. Good Job Nick, you certainly are being thorough.

  2. Thanks bro, I'm working on it...I do like to get things as right as I can...given the limitations of time, money and the like!

  3. You'll get there soon, good work though!

  4. Any progress is good progress Nick. It looks to be coming together rather nicely.

    Model on!

    1. Thanks Paul. Great work on your Tempest my lad, very nicely done!

  5. Gun barrels, like all other protruding thin bits, are definitely last on - amazing how destructively cack-handed one can be when trying to handle with care!

  6. Replies
    1. Cheers Dan, I'm looking forward to your next Typhoon update.

  7. Nice clean build on the go there Nick.

    Never used that Green Stuff liquid putty before, must give it a try sometime if I can find it here.

    1. Thanks John. It's been quite a while since I'd done a plane properly, like.

      Just spent most of the evening puttying and then sanding down the wing root gaps using Squadron Green Putty. Comes in a tube, comes out like a paste, hardens pretty quickly. Andy wasn't wrong when he said they'd be a pain. I had to come to a point when I said, "blow it - enough is enough! It's for the wargame table, not a model show!"

      I wonder if that new Games Workshop / Citadel liquid green stuff wouldn't have been easier! I've heard it's good for small cracks, not so good for holes (like the one left by the absence of the tail wheel).

      How are you wee minis coming along?