Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Great Hawker Named-After-A-Weather-Event Aircraft Group Build Day 15

Good evening,

Not too much to report really.

Got the wings on the Hurricane...

...and received my latest impetuous Trade Me purchase. An old (and I mean old) Revell Tempest.

Which kinda brings up a bit of a problem. Significant yellowing on the decals.

Ah well...at least it's got rockets!

So I was looking on the internet for some affordable/local after market decals and I came across this auction for not one, not two, but three Hawker-named-after-a-weather-aircraft!




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    1. Yep. Yep, it certainly is. And, considering the condition of the decals, I paid waayyy too much for it!

      Such is the danger of an impetuous purchase!

  2. Hi Nick, You can try the old and quite reliable "window trick". Put the decals in a clear plastic bag and tape the bag (with the decal sheet facing outwards) to the inside of a window which receives full or lots of sun. This will fade the yellowing to a good extent. (It may take a little while.

    Remember to keep checking so the decals themselves don't fade) To speed it up put the bag on the dash of your car and leave the car in the sun when you park it for work.

    If you fear the decals may be brittle (as they can sometimes become with age) you can seal them with a product like MicroScale Liquid Decal Film (Acorn Models?). This provides a thin flexible film which should hold them together.

    Hope this helps.

    Regards Paul

    1. Now that's clever! Brilliant, thanks Paul!

  3. The decal problem might not be too noticeable once you fix them on over a cammo paint job - not unless they first crumble up into tiny pieces when you wet first that is :-)

    Anyhow, worth buying it for the the superb box art Nick.

    1. Good on ya John! Actually, hadn't thought of that, all is not lost then. Cheers!

  4. I can confirm what Paul said about the window trick.....I have heard of others using this technique and it works but you have to keep an eye on them. As for the Micro Scale stuff.....I have this and use it regardless of what the decals are doing. You can also get it from Play Concepts (www.playconcepts.co.nz), they also do postal orders as well.....a shameless plug since I work for them on a casual basis :)



    1. Excellent. Thanks Andy.

      And fair enough!

  5. The decals can be de-yellowed if you use masking tape to fix them to a window that gets lots of sunlight - the sunlight bleaches the yellowing, but does't affect the decal otherwise.

    1. Cheers. I'll give that a go - all is not lost, it seems!