Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Great Hawker Named-After-A-Weather-Event Aircraft Group Build Day 20

Good evening,

Argghh...I've been trying all day to get a smooth, consistent white stripe on these wings.

I've tried the whole multiple coats of thinned paint, but it's just not working. I probably should have done a coat of light grey beforehand.

I'll see how it looks after the black stripes. If all else fails, I'll pretend that it's part of the weathering process, and the camo is starting to show underneath...



  1. The rougher the better for the stripes I think Nick.

    Wiki says...

    In most cases the stripes were painted on by the ground crews; with only a few hours notice, few of the stripes were "masked".[1] As a result, depending on the abilities of the "erks" (RAF nickname for ground crew), the stripes were often far from neat and tidy.

    1. Cheers Paul. Yeah, I think you're right - rough and ready'll will have to do! (I'm dreading taking off the tape - this Vallejo paint really needed an undercoat before application!

      I had read that about the application of stripes on the eve of D Day, but I was thinking that not long after June 6 and up to the end of the war they might have been a bit...tidier...

      But she'll be right. Will have to be, I'm starting reports tonight!

    2. Hey! What's this add stuff in my comments?!!

  2. The more I see these posts Nick, the more I get the urge to go out and grab an aircraft kit, after all these years... :)

    1. Go for it mate! But if you're gonna paint it with Vallejo paints, then I would recommend applying an undercoat first. I'm having all sorts of bother without it...