Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Great Hawker Named-After-A-Weather-Event Aircraft Group Build - Time's Up!

Good evening all,

Well...I gone and done it. I've run out of time! It's the end of May, and, well, it's still not done. I did manage to get the wing stripes applied...

...touch ups not withstanding, but, well...I've started on the fuselage Invasion Stripes...

...but, writing reports have got in the way. As they do.

Ah well, I'll keep working on it over the weekend. It will get finished, but not by the end of May. Next May, perhaps, but not this one!

Well done to all those who did manage to get their Hawker named-after-a-weather-event aircraft finished. Good job chaps!



  1. Nick, whatever shall we do with you! So close but so far away.

    The sizing of the stripes look good however.

    Model on.

    1. Says he that had all that time off! :-) You prolific modeller you!

      But thanks for getting the whole thing out there into the blogosphere.

  2. Looking good so far, I also did not finish :( didn't have any milliput to fill the gaps and couldn't bring myself to paint it without filling the gaps, picking some milliput up this week end, so will resume next week, I hope.

    1. Welcome to the club Dan, we're considering getting shirts! Andy hasn't finished his Hurricane either, life getting in the way of what's important, as it does!

      Keep it up Dan, I'm looking forward to your end result.