Friday, 11 May 2012

The Great Hawker Named-After-A-Weather-Event Aircraft Group Build Day 11

Good evening,

I've been busy sorting out the wing roots on the Typhoon. Here are the results of Wednesday's efforts.

To which I added a thin coat of grey to see, well, if it worked.

It mostly did, and yet not completely. So...another touch up of filler...

...and another coat of paint over said filler...

...and that'll do.

While waiting for the filler to dry so's I could start sanding it, I started another Hawker aircraft that was named after a weather event. A Mark 1 Hurricane, nominally bound for Greece and Crete c. 1941.

Acutally, I spent the bulk of this evening searching for pictures of Hurricanes serving in Greece and Crete.

ROYAL AIR FORCE OPERATIONS OVER ALBANIA AND GREECE, 1940-1941: Pilots of No. 80 Squadron RAF relax in front of Hawker Hurricane Mark I, V7599 'YK-Q', at Eleusis, Greece

Which kinda brought up a bit of a problem. They seem to have had tropical filters! Oh bother!

Still, I have concluded a couple of things I can do...
  • I can use the tail fin decal in the kit (even though the kit/RAF decal option is meant for the Battle of Britain)

  • Many/some of the Med based Hurris around 1941 went without squadron codes - they were in a bit of a hurry (if you excuse the pun!) - so I'll cut off the codes around the fuselage roundel.
Model on!



  1. Good finish on the wing roots, looking very professional.

    Impressed with the 2nd Hawker build already.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks Paul. Picked up the "check it worked" tip on the 'net.

      As for the Hurri, I'm not sure it's such a crash hot idea. I've been informed that reports are due in just under three weeks! The fewer distractions around me, the better - and I'd much rather build toys than write reports!

  2. Two aircraft at once! Most excellent progress my friend. I hope you're enjoying the process. So, I take it the Hurricane is Airfix too, & also on special?

    1. Thanks John. Yep, I'm really enjoying it. Too much, really - I'd much rather get home to play with my toys than stay at school and get my marking finished! And now I've got two of them on the go! (Yes, it was on special (and yes, it is Airfix), along with the Stuka) I really don't need these self imposed distractions at report time!

  3. Nice work mate, impressive attention to detail. Please don't mention reports again any time soon, I was just starting to catch-up on this term's work:( Oh well, what's another 60hr week

    1. Sorry to be a downer...I'd much rather spend my time with my toys!

    2. Than write...well, you know. Love the kids, but some aspects of the job...not so much...