Sunday, 15 July 2012

Crossfire Game Term 3 Week 00

Good evening,

Yesterday (Saturday afternoon) I introducing Abraham (a fellow teacher at my school) to his first Crossfire game. First wargame, actually. I wasn't very kind!

I set up the terrain. Lots of it, as Crossfire is quite keen on it.

My Pz IV's first game!

I took the Germans, he the Kiwis. He had a slight points advantage, as I don't have any German anti-tank guns. Gotta get me some.

Anyway, I took the first initiative to show Abe how to do it.

First shot with my 81mm mortar, and bingo, bango...boom!

I also group-moved up my right flank platoon (which got mostly pinned on the way), who in turn shot up (suppressed) Abe's carrier platoon, who all bailed out, so's I could suppress some infantry as well. (Not sure if I did this right, gotta look it up)

So, with initiative retained, I also moved the Pz up onto the hill in response to Abraham's move of his Shermans to the east.

As Abraham emptied the central wood to move to his westward platoon further west, I moved in a couple of squads to take on his remaining squad with his Platoon Commander.

It almost ended in disaster!


Right, with that squad out of the way, I was able to move north to mob his forward observer.

However, with my blokes so far forward, I had kinda overlooked that there was nothing now left to protect my left flank...and my own Forward Observer!

With the F/O out of the way, and nothing back there to stop him, Abe sent the remains of his right flank platoon to take on the flank element of my own right flank platoon.

Ha! My crew served HMG (at close combat factor of -2) managed to beat his Kiwis off - who were at +2!

So on my initiative, I did pretty much what he did! Moved my platoon in the west into the centre to take on his Company Commander.

Who valiantly fought back!

Having won back the initiative, Abraham sent forth his Sherman. It wasn't pretty!

Well, actually, it kinda was. Those explosion markers do look cool!

So in went the German infantry platoon...again...

...and that was the end of that!

After taking care of Abraham's F/O in the west...

...I then paid some HE attention to one of the squads he sent forward with my Pz...

Initiative changed over, and Abraham brought forward the second Sherman to take on my Panzershrek armed infantry squad on the hill. After some ineffective reactive fire from said infantry, he suppressed...

...then killed it!

Fairs fair, I guess.

However, the dice being fickle things that they are, once again it was my initiative, so I sent forth the mighty Panzer...

( this is just getting embarrassing...)

However, there was still some fight in him!

But, well...


Thanks for the game Abe, see you in the morning.



  1. Good report Nick, and well done to Abe for taking up the challenge.

    1. Thanks Paul. Yeah, talk about a baptism of fire!

  2. Do you think he will be up for another game after going down to the Germans?

  3. Great report, thanks for sharing!

    1. Cheers Sander. Yeah, it was an entertaining way to while away a couple of hours...actually, probably not even that...

  4. nice, very enjoyable report.