Sunday, 8 July 2012

HOTT Day in July 2012

Good evening,

Just back from another fun bash with a bunch of blokes for our annual HOTT Day in July tourney. (For those on the wrong half of the's winter down here!)

I'll break down each of my games later, but suffice it to say...I came second!

Well done Mark, very well played. Blimmin behemoth...

So, for the time being, some random shots.

It was very cool so see so many 20mm HOTT armies on the table...
  • Robin's Chaos army

  • Robin's Lost World

  • Stan's Aztecs

  • + my five
    • Caesar's Romans

    • Early Germans

    • Raetian Gobins

    • Skellies

    • VSF Brits
Thanks once again Robin for organizing another fun day out!



  1. Good work Nick, pleasing to see some much variation on the go at once.

    1. Thanks Paul. Yep, as well as the armies listed above, there were also 28mm Dwarves and Zulus + a 15mm Colonial Brit army.

  2. Cool Nick. Some wild looking armies there- my 13 year old really appreciated it too :)
    Didn't see an pics of your 17th Lancers, how did they fare?

    1. Excellent! HOTT's a lot of fun, and gives you licence to make an army out of anything. I've seen an army of pasta, and one of pebbles!

      Ironically, the Lancers got left out each time I fielded the VSF Brits, though in the big battle game the bloke who had the 15mm Colonial Brits was a couple of points short, so he used them - they even took down a [28mm] behemoth, with the help of my steam tank - it was great to see them on the table working so nicely together!

  3. HotT stuff! Thanks for sharing. Those lizard army looks beautiful!

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  4. Nice to hear and congrats to Mark. I am looking forward to the reports :)


  5. Replies
    1. Cheers Monty. It weren't Crossfire, but it was a lot of fun! Where else would a VSF flying boat take on The Fat Controller?!